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State Energy Remedy




Internal:  "I have tried this on our cat that had leukemia. The cat had not eaten for several days and was very skinny and ready to die.  I had to force the cat to drink some the first few times, but after that she began to drink and eat well and lived for over 1 year after that.

I also tried this with my 11 year old dog and if I placed 2 containers of water (1 with CELLFOOD and the other with plain water), the dog would always go to the one with CELLFOOD mixed with water.  ( This was after using only CELLFOOD with water for several days first)."

We have a friend that had a dog with bladder infection.  Within 1 1/2 day's it was cleared up without a visit to the vet using Cellfood in his water.

Our cat could not keep food down and had diarrhea. We took him off food for two days and just gave him Cellfood water and tuna water.  He cleared up and as not had the problem again.

Our cat also jumped on top of our 600 degree wood burner and burned all four paws.  We put Cellfood on the paws (straight), (skin was not broken) and within 10 minutes he was resting comfortable and the next day we could not tell he had been burned.  I cannot imagine the pain and suffering this cat would have experienced if we had to take him to the vet and did not have the Cellfood. We will always be thankful.

External:  "I recommend diluting it with at least 5 parts of water and pour it onto infected area.  If not diluted, this will cause some pain with the animal on open cuts."

Using a 10% solution with lukewarm water as a bath heals scaly skin, mange and many other external problems.  It is suggested to bath cats and dogs twice with this solution to keep the hair and skin healthy (also helps to combat fleas and ticks and ends dandruff).  A slight caution should be suggested to keep out of animals eyes.  A small amount will not hurt, but a lot could cause a problem.  When I bath our dog (miniature poodle), I prepare a small basin with the solution and place this in the bath tub so that any splashes fall into the bathtub.  I first bath the dog with shampoo and rinse the dog.  Then, I pour the CELLFOOD solution over the dog many times as a final rinse and medication bath.  I try to squeeze the excess solution from the hair and then dry the dog with an old towel (this towel will get holes digested in it).  Then I blow dry the dog with hair dryer.  If this is an outside dog, the initial procedure is  the same - shampoo, rinse, pour the solution over the dog, and after this just let the dog go and he will dry himself off by shaking and other methods."

Fish and Reptiles

Using 10-30 drops every 3 weeks will keep the tank clean the fish healthy.  If you wish to perform a test, simply put a goldfish into a small bowl and add 10 drops every 3 weeks.  (You should also perform a similar test without adding CELLFOOD).  You will find that the goldfish are healthier and livelier, and the water does not need to be changed for several months because it is fresher and odor free.

Race Horses

Internal:  Add 10 drops per 100lbs. of animal weight of CELLFOOD to animals drinking water.  This aids digestion and circulation which will build performance and endurance. Will also help to fortify the immune system of the animal and help prevent epidemics.

External:  Apply CELLFOOD solution once per week on lame or sore muscles to accelerate healing.  Do not wrap the treated area after treatment as it will hinder healing.  Use a 1-% solution as a bath the keep skin healthy and hair shiny.  Natural eye fluids will rinse excess out of eyes safely, but avoid direct application to eyes in order to avoid sting.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.



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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If under medical care, or if pregnant or nursing, please consult a health professional.