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In a recent study conducted at Augustine Scientific Research Center, surface tension as a function of concentration for CELLFOOD® in a glass of water was measured using a Kruss Processor Tensiometer K100 with automated dosing.

The surface tension of ordinary tap water is approximately 73 mN/m (dynes/cm). The surface tension of extracellular body fluids is much lower at approximately 40 mN/m (dynes/cm). This low surface tension is critical to healthy cellular function, absorption of nutrients, and the removal of toxins. A higher liquid surface tension causes the surface to act like a stretched elastic membrane inhibiting absorption while increasing molecular resistance.

The surface tension of the tap water (control) was calculated to measure 72.8 mN/m (dynes/cm). Two separate controlled dilution experiments were conducted simultaneously; one as drops per 8 oz. of water, and the second as %wt stock solution of CELLFOOD®. The results were statically identical; in both tests, CELLFOOD® was shown to reduce surface tension to 40 mN/m (dynes/cm), the same surface tension of extracellular body fluids.


It was observed by Dr. Christopher Rulison, Ph.D., that using Avogardo’s multiplication number of 6.02 x 1023 molecules/mole gives the value of 51 billion surface active molecules per square millimeter at the surface of a glass of water containing 8 drops of CELLFOOD®.


Dr. Rulison also noted regarding the molecular dimensions of CELLFOOD® (4-7 nanometers in size), “we figure a standard molecular radius of gyration as (length)3/2 then your enzymes and amino acids could be expected to occupy between 43/2 = 8.0 sq. nanometers and 73/2 = 18.5 sq. nanometers each at the surface. However, since a square nanometer = 1012 sq. nanometers, each of the 51 billion molecules at the surface has 19.6 sq. nanometers of free space – more than is necessary for complete rotation.” An unfortunate but common necessity for nutritional supplement manufactures known as denaturing (packing 3-5 times the amount of protein at a surface that a radius of gyration argument would follow) to assist with absorption. Because of the specific hydrophobic residues and small molecule surfactants, CELLFOOD®  can pack in surface spaces upwards of 50 to 100 times below its radius of gyration in water; denaturing is not necessary due to its amphipathic nature.


   Augustine Scientific – Specialists in Surface and Interface Science






Krüss has been providing instruments for scientific research for more then 200 years. In the past 50 years, Krüss has concentrated its research and development efforts in the fields of instruments for measuring surface tension, interfacial tension and contact angle. Instruments like tensiometers, contact angle meters, goniometer, and other. Our instruments are often in use for controlling in industrial processes: For measuring wetting, pendant drop, critical micell concentration, cmc, sessile drop, spinning drop, bubble pressure, powder wetting, powder pressure, wettability, pendant drop. Cleaning, coating, tensides, emulsion, laquer, polymer, ink jet inks, wafer production, textile finishes, elektroplating bathes.

Technical Data K100



Measuring range

1 - 1000 mN/m


Measuring resolution

0.001 mN/m


Measuring rate

max. 50 values/sec


Weighing range

210 g +/-0.01mg


Lifting speed

0.099 - 450 mm/min


Position resolution

0.1 µm


Maximum lifting range

appr. 100 mm


Temperature range

-10 to 130°C


Temperature resolution



Temperature measurement

Pt100 in thermostattable jacket, optional a second Pt100 within the sample vessel





Measuring methods

Wilhelmy Plate method



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