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 L-Ornithine:  Growth Hormone Supporting Formula  ReCharge: For Optimal Energetic Levels & Longevity
GemAminosBasic: Brain and Memory Formula  ReCharge: For Pets
 EPA/DHA:Omega-3 EFA's New Formula  
 Heart Gems: Rejuvenation and Heart Health  Phyto5000: Powerful Anti-Oxidant
 Flex JC Joint & Cartilage Supporting Formula  Weight Loss Formulas
 MagSpectrum: Magnesium  Lite Body Gems Metabolic Support
 Methusalife DNA/RNA  


L-OrnithineL-Ornithine is the most potent amino acid ever studied for stimulating the production and release of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland.

Research has shown that Growth Hormone is a powerful rejuvenator - its use has the potential to reversing aging up to 10 to 20 years.

After age 30 the pituitary gland starts producing 1% less growth hormone per year. Growth Hormone is vital to maintaining the body in a youthful state. Until recently, the answer to this need has been for companies to produce Growth Hormone created from animals and plant sources for ingestion by humans. Putting another creatures growth hormone in the human body just is not natural. L-Ornithine allows your body to create their own Growth Hormone in amounts needed for your body.

The thymus gland (the major immune gland in the upper chest) tends to shrink with time. Animal studies conducted at major research labs have found that L-Ornithine supplements can cause the thymus gland,  to actually re-grow to a more youthful level, giving the immune system a boost. The thymus gland is often considered the organ of rejuvenation and longevity. It is the gland in which the T cells of the immune system are formed and given identity. Upon release it is the T cells in particular that help find and destroy cancer cells and cells that have become afflicted with viruses.

Other organs that have been shown to re-grow under the influence of Growth Hormone are the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and skin. Especially important for body sculpting, Growth Hormone may increase muscle mass.

L-Ornithine is best taken at bedtime to enhance the natural peak release of Growth Hormone that occurs 90 minutes after falling asleep, which may also improve sleep quality.

Keep your pituitary functioning at peak performance the natural way with L-Ornithine and  Gematria's patented laser technology.

Laser Technology: Manufactured nutritional supplement is subjected to chemical extraction, purification, and drying steps. All of these processes can cause numerous random distortions of nutrient shape. Enzymes of the body are highly shape sensitive for the molecules they will accept or reject. When the body receives a nutrient in a wide range of random shapes, some may fit and others may not. The nutrients that don't fit will either be excreted or broken down to relatively useless compounds.

This patented laser technology has the ability to restore molecules  to their optimum nutritional shape, a shape the body can use more efficiently, resulting in greater bioavailability.

Suggested usage: Take 2 capsules daily at bedtime. It is advised not to eat for 3 to 4 hours before taking L-Ornithine. Doing so may shift it's usual muscle building, fat burning properties to a tendency to weight gain. Taken at bedtime on an empty stomach, L-Ornithine aids fat metabolism through the liver and helps the body convert excess body fat into energy.

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