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State Energy Remedy

Safe Tan

Sunless Tanning

Achieve the instant color of a sun tan!

Non-streaking formula
Will not stain clothing
Rich in moisturizers
Will not turn Orange

See color instantly
Dermatologist recommended
  Fades naturally
Will not interfere with natural tanning

Safe for pregnant women - Clinical Testing  -  Vitligo Photos

Control your own tan in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Fast, simple application, healthy for the skin and cost effective.
Safe Tan makes your skin look and feel great!

Found Safe Tan at a country show about 5 plus years ago. Have not found anything else that gives a more natural looking tan.

S.M. New Zealand

Thank you for the great tip with my last order on how to apply Safe Tan using gloves to rub it in.  I actually spray the Safe Tan directly on my skin and rub it in while wearing gloves.  It is so much faster and easier and the color is still beautiful.  Thanks again.  I will continue to order this from your company as long as you continue to sell it.  Thank you!!!!!

L.N. South Carolina

Diane I just had to drop you a line to say I am so happy with the Safe tan product.  Everything that you said is totally true.  I also incorporated your techniques which makes it so easy to apply.  I have never used product that looks so natural.  I have gotten so many compliments.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.  My sister and I are ecstatic.  I will definitely be re-ordering.  The product and customer service is absolutely awesome.  Thanks again Diane for making me one happy person. 

L.C. North Carolina

 I've told many people about how wonderful Safe Tan is because I'm always getting compliments about my tan.  I think my friend Katie bought it already.

I just had to write you to say how much I LOVE the Safe Tan!  It is Amazing!  I have been so pleased with 1) the natural, beautiful color, 2) the fact that there is no detectable odor, 3) the fool-proof ease-of-use and 4) the fact that no color transfers to my bedding.  All in a natural product.  I am over-the-moon!  I did find a way to more-easily apply the product to my body and face and want to share with you. 

L.M North Carolina

Safe Tan provides color immediately! No streaking, staining, or smell. Safe Tan adjusts to each individual’s skin tone. The “paint on color” creates a smoother and more even appearance while it mutes veins and hides flaws. Safe Tan looks and fades just like a real tan. Your skin feels smooth and silky with none of the mess or damage cause by other self tanning products.

The first application gives a healthy, natural look. The second “paint” the next day looks like you spent the weekend at the beach. The third day in a row of painting will be a deep dark tan. Than apply once a week to maintain.

In clinical trials, it was determined that Safe Tan significantly improved the appearance of veins, freckles, scarring and other blemishes by making the skin color become more uniform.

Safe Tan dries almost immediately, except for the luxuriant moisturizers, leaving a warm rich color and beautifully soft skin. Safe Tan will save you time on your normal routine. It is safe, easy, long lasting and economical to use. Safe Tan rehydrates skin cells smoothing out fine lines in the skin’s surface. At once a week, it is low maintenance and replaces stockings, hand and body lotions and even face make up.

The hazards of tanning: The Skin Cancer Foundation states that more than 23 minutes per year in a tanning bed does irreparable harm. The radiation from tanning beds is 5 times the intensity of the noon-time sun at the equator. One of the common side-effects of “bed tanning” is the development of spider veins, as the blood in your veins actually boils, it damages vascular structure and results in unsightly discoloration.

Tanning, in its most unglamorous form, is simply the body’s response to skin cell damage caused by ultraviolet light. UVA and UVB radiation stimulates the production of melanin, the skin’s pigment, in a desperate attempt to protect the skin from further damage. Each layer of skin is shed every 2 to 3 days on average, newer cells revert to their usual level of melanin, leaving the skin, once again, vulnerable to ultraviolet light. The cycle repeats itself, resulting in damaged skin that has lost its elasticity (i.e., tough, leathery, and prematurely wrinkled), liver spots and a range of skin cancer conditions from basal skin to carcinoma, to melanoma. The reality is alarming. One out of every five Americans will develop skin cancer.


Questions and Answers


QUESTION: What is in this and how does it work?

ANSWER: Aloe Vera based Safe Tan contains moisturizers and humectants. A small amount of evaporative SD-alcohol allows Safe Tan to dry quickly without drying the skin. The cosmetic colors along with plant extracts, help create your own individualized tan shade. The carrier takes the color and moisturizers into the top three layers of your skin.

QUESTION: Will this wash off?

ANSWER: Safe Tan is washable for the first hour, so it is virtually goof-proof. As you paint, it begins absorbing into the skin at the rate of one layer every three hours. Safe Tan hydrates and colors three layers of skin. It will take ten to twelve hours for full absorption.

QUESTION: Is this a sunscreen?

ANSWER: No. While Safe Tan contains non-paba sunscreen, we make no SPF claims. We encourage frequent and liberal sunscreen use after the first morning rinse.

QUESTION: How long does it last?

ANSWER: The color lasts 3 days on the face and a week on the body when properly applied. It fades naturally, like a real tan.

QUESTION: How is this different from common self-tanners?

ANSWER: Safe Tan moisturizes your skin rather than drying it out. It improves the look and feel of your skin. It’s a natural color, never orange! We use food-grade cosmetic colors instead of “harsh, smelly” chemicals. It’s brown in the bottle and goes on brown. Instant, believable, and long lasting color. No more waiting hours hoping you’ll turn out ok. Unlike common self-tanners, Safe Tan colors and conditions 3 layers deep so skin underneath is tan, not just the surface layer. No blotching or streaks---just color that lasts and fades like the real thing!

QUESTION: Can it be darker?

ANSWER: It will look a bit darker overnight. For more color, re-apply the next night. For an even darker tan, re-apply for up to 3 nights.

QUESTION: How often can I paint?

ANSWER: Paint once a day for up to 3 days in a row until you have the shade you want. To maintain color, paint your body once a week and your face twice a week.

QUESTION: Can I paint more than once a day? If not, why?

ANSWER: If you do, the color coats itself and absorbs improperly creating a fake look. Remember: 10-hrs/ rinse/ re-apply.

QUESTION: Does it stain clothes?

ANSWER: NO! It can come off on your clothes just after application, until you have had a first shower, but it will not stain the clothing. Using too much will leave a residue on the skin. We recommend using as little as possible, blending and stretching the product. Safe Tan won’t stain nails, hair or fabric. If it gets on your clothes, don’t panic. It will wash out with regular laundering. Don’t use a stain penetrator as it can set the color and cause staining.

QUESTION: How soon can I dress after painting?

ANSWER: The product is dry within 5 minutes. You can dress when you are through painting. No more standing naked for 20 minutes not touching anything. Unlike self-tanners, Safe Tan will not rub off on clothes after the first rinse. No more orange bras!

QUESTION: Will lotion, perfume, sunscreen, etc. affect Safe Tan?

ANSWER: Not at all. Once Safe Tan has been fully absorbed overnight and the excess rinsed off, you can follow your normal routine. No after shave, lotion, perfume, etc., impacts your tan. It’s your skin – only better. Weekly use soon eliminates the need for other moisturizers.

QUESTION: Is this OK if pregnant?

ANSWER: Yes, it does not cross the blood barrier and is not toxic. Safe Tan is really nice for pregnancy, since it has no foul odor or nausea inducing fragrance. It also covers the facial discoloration that sometimes accompanies pregnancy. Safe Tan helps keep the skin supple and smooth with very little effort

QUESTION: How to paint knees and other problem areas?

ANSWER: Use the dry side of the brush with very little color left in it. Lightly go over dry areas, barely getting any color on the dryer areas as they can grab more of the moisturizers and appear darker. It’s still fully washable, so if you make a mistake……just fix it!

QUESTION: If the 2-oz. size does four paints, how can the 4-oz. size do twelve paints?

ANSWER: The first 2 times you paint, your body will drink about ½ ounce per application. Thereafter, if applying weekly, your skin becomes re-hydrated and requires less product to maintain the same rich color and silky feel.

QUESTION: Does Safe Tan age?

ANSWER: It has an approximate 10-month shelf life. This product has no preservatives. We use as few chemical components as possible. With an Aloe Vera base, after time, nature conquers and the cosmetic colors break down

QUESTION: Can I paint my face?

ANSWER: Yes, you can paint your entire face and up into the hairline with the product. Apply one drop to the wet side of the brush and to the forehead and cheeks. Turn brush over to blend it across the face, ears and tip of nose. Apply more color as needed. The color won’t grab on eyebrows, hairline, nails, or beard. Paint right over the eyelids with the dry side of the brush. If it gets in your eyes, it won't blind you, but it will sting because of the alcohol. Wipe excess from eyes.

QUESTION: What about shaving?

ANSWER: It is better to shave in the morning and paint in the evening as pulling the hair with a razor enlarges the hair follicles and can cause tiny dark spots. These will wash away in the next shower, but meanwhile it is not an attractive look. Shaving can irritate the skin and immediate use of Safe Tan directly after shaving can cause unnecessary moments of discomfort. The good news is you can shave and still have color. No streaks. No ugly knees or rusty ankles. After four days of shaving, a subtle difference may exist from the shaved to unshaved areas-just as with a real tan. If you want you can apply a little touch up to lighter areas.


Preparation Stage

Brush  Only before first use, soak foam in warm water for 10 minutes to expand and soften for easier application. Remove from water and let dry totally before painting. It is best not to rinse the brush again. A plastic divider prevents Safe Tan from soaking through from the “wet/painting side” to the “dry /blending side”. Beginners can mark the handle to not which is the wet side.

Body Before you apply, shower or bathe with a deodorant bar soap (not a liquid, gel, glycerin, or moisturizing soap). Safe Tan mush be the first thing on clean skin. Other moisturizers interfere with the skin’s absorption of the product. If you ignore this step, you will get color; but it will not last as long and it will be harder to apply. Safe Tan is a moisturizer! It will hydrate your skin which can only absorb so much of any moisturizer at one time.

Please read all the directions before you begin.

There are a few synthetic/chemical components in this product. Safe Tan has a cold-pressed aloe vera base.

No emulsifiers.  This means they product will separate within the bottle so you need to shake it before each use.

No preservatives. This means there is a limited shelf life. Each bottle has an expiration date stamped on the bottom and is guaranteed until that date and may last longer with proper care. If the product is old, it takes on greenish hue.

The product is still safe to use, but the color will not be as intense or last as long. Evaporative SD Alcohol-40 prevents microbe growth in your bottle or brush and also allows Safe Tan to dry quickly upon application.

Painting Phase

As with anything new, there is a learning curve. It may take you longer to do your first application. Soon you will have it down to 25 minutes a week. The touch up for your face will take less time than washing it.

Shower and paint in the evenings after you’ve finished will water use. (dishes, brushing teeth, etc.).  While you sleep, Safe Tan’s color and moisturizers penetrate into your skin.  Shower the next morning, with any soap, to rinse off any excess and you are ready to go. You can do everything you normally do, wear anything you please. Safe Tan will not rub off on your clothes. You can use perfumes, sunscreens, shampoos, etc. Shave your legs, swim, hot tub, work out, whatever...Safe Tan is there to stay.

Shake the bottle a few time before you apply each drop to the brush. Remember to click the cap closed first. If you don’t shake it, the colors will not be mixed with the carrier and all your pretty work will wash off. Lay the flat of the brush across the small opening and upend the bottle in the center of the brush for a 3 second count. Don’t squeeze!

A dime-sized drop will fully paint from ankle to knee, wrist to elbow, etc. Don’t put color too close to the brush edges or it will soak through and we both sides.

Use the wet side to apply a wide line of color vertically from the ankle to just below the knee area. Repeat a similar line on both sides of the calf, allowing about 2– inches of unpainted skin in between the lines of color. Safe Tan beads up on the skin permitting ample time to turn the brush over to the dry side to blend. With the dry side, pull the color horizontally in a smooth, slow stroke from the wet to dry.

If you find you didn’t put enough on the brush, put more on. If you put on so much that you have product running down your body, just turn the brush over to the dry side, wipe the drips and continue painting.

When you have smoothed out all the Safe Tan, then apply additional color from the still wet side of the brush to any unpainted smooth skin areas. Just touch the web brush to the unpainted area. Avoid the dry spots (ankles, knees, elbows, feet and knuckles) until you have painted everything else.

Instructions for Self Tanning


These are areas where you must use a very dry brush with very little color left in it.

Before painting the above, check the dry side for undiscovered web pockets by pressing the brush firmly against a smooth skin area. Don’t worry if the area was already painted, since smooth skin will only absorb so much moisturizer, the excess product can easily be blended at this stage. 

Hands  Place a line of color across the back of the hand, below the knuckles and not over the edges. Use the dry side to pull the color up the wrist, away from the knuckles. When you see no more color moving, take the same dry side and gently buff the fingers and knuckles until they have all been lightly colored. If you need additional product, spread your fingers and gingerly touch the wet brush to the “side” of one finger, not on the dry knuckles, then continue to buff.

Feet Put one line of color only on the top of the foot. Blend the wet color with the dry side up the leg, away from toes, sides, ankles and heels. Flex the foot to paint your ankles with the dry side of the brush. Do not repeat as the dryer areas can become too dark if over painted.

Knees and Elbows  Bend so skin is stretched tight and lightly pull the dry side of the brush over the unpainted area, moving in the same direction the lines naturally run. Remember, when applying to these dry areas, to make sure the skin is tight. Bend your knees, elbows and fingers then painting. Otherwise, they wrinkle and can pocket the color. If you have other dry areas, use only the dry side of the brush and lightly go over them.

Face One dime size drop will paint you whole face. Touch wet brush to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Use dry side to blend across face, nose, eyes, even ears. Repaint face every third night as it exfoliates more quickly. Safe Tan does not discolor the hair or eyebrows.

It will tan the scalp and make thinning hair appear thicker. The moisturizers soothe and even out skin tones. You can truly use Safe Tan from head to toe!

Clean up Check your work (especially fingers, palms, and feet) to make sure you don’t have any color where you do not want it. If you, wash it off.

Some excess can get on your clothes before your first shower. Safe Tan does not stain fabric. Just put garment in the laundry ad wash as normal. If dry cleaning ask them to “wet clean” the area. Do not us a spot treatment as chemical may set the color.

Safe Tan is generally dry to the touch within 5 minutes. Please allow ten hours before showering or perspiration inducing activity.

You don’t ever have to live with mistakes. They can be whisked away, as Safe Tan is completely washable for the first hour with a soapy washcloth. Do a thorough inspection of your handiwork in a full length mirror and make any corrections needed. You won’t need to do this later when Safe Tan becomes a regular part of your skin care.

Safe Tan is very user friendly!

Remember, all this will become much easier as you become more familiar with this process. Most of us can fully paint our own bodies in about half and hour once a week. Enjoy your wonderful new skin tone and texture.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.




Moisturizers-(Aloe Vera Water)-The actual base of the product. Our aloe is re-hydrated from cold pressed leaves. (

Sunscreens---Used solely for cosmetic enhancement. No sunscreen factor claimed. No sunscreen factor claimed.

Colors--- FDA-approved, cosmetic-grade colors -Our colors are the highest grade commercially available. They are commonly used in food products, prescription pharmaceuticals, and in other cosmetic products from lipsticks to eyeliners. A plant extract that interacts with the body's amino acids to create a personalized shade of tan. This ingredient has been used in liquid baby vitamins, and is very safe for human consumption.

Penetrant--- A micro-molecular carrier that enables the moisturizers and color to penetrate the top three layers of skin. The carrier enhances the activity of the aloe vera, creating a synergistic effect that enables the lower layer skin cells to "plump up" or re-hydrate, resulting in a more resilient, cosmetic aspect.

Other--- Evaporative alcohol. This is a grain-based alcohol, not a petroleum distillate. It serves as an antibacterial agent in the bottle and brush. It will not dry out the skin as it is not absorbed, but evaporates, allowing for the quick drying of our tan.

Online Order

Safe Tan 4oz. Bottle $50.00 (3 month supply)  Out of stock


Safe Tan 8oz. Bottle  $70.00 (6 month supply)   In Stock




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