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Safe Tan Clinical Testing

Aloe Vera based products demonstrate certain characteristics, which are well documented and are described repeatedly throughout a review of hundreds of scientific studies. Safe Tan, offers a new way of keeping healthy, natural looking color year round. The base of the product is cold pressed Aloe Vera, which means it retains all the benefits. This instant colored moisturizer yields immediate and long lasting results.

Safe Tan provides color immediately! No streaking, staining or smell!  Safe Tan adjusts to each individual’s skin tone. The “paint on color” creates a smoother and more appearance while it mutes veins and hides flaws. Safe Tan looks and fades just like a real tan. Your skin feels smooth and silky with none of the mess or damage caused by other methods of tanning.

The first application gives a healthy, natural look. A second “paint” the next day looks like you spent the weekend at the beach. Three days in a row of painting the skin will be dark enough for stage work under bright lights. In independent Clinical Trials it was determined that the product Safe Tan: Significantly improved the appearance of veins, freckles, scarring and other blemishes by making the skin color more uniform. There was a 22% improvement in the appearance of veins in one application. On day 3, visibility of the veins was reduced an additional 25% from baseline

 Independent Clinical Testing

  In January 1998, after five years of empirical studies, weekly use by more than one hundred thousand clients, we were ready to institute Independent Laboratory Studies. We were referred to several independent laboratories to conduct our cosmetic claims substantiation testing. Specialists whose work included Quality Control Assurance, as well as statistical analysis and E.P.A. compliance conducted all tests.

The protocol designed for this project included the following parameters:
Efficacy of the “tanning” properties
Longevity of the tan
Hypoallergenic claims using industry standard testing requiring human patch tests with 200+ subjects
Non-staining properties for hair, nails, and cuticles
Documentation of the non-toxic and non-hazardous status
Documentation that product ingredients do not increase photosensitivity
Non-Toxic and Non Hazardous Claims
Water Resistance Claims – The product is water resistant as specified by industry standard testing (eg., a whirlpool immersion testing) It won’t seat off – swim off – or cry off

What Safe Tan Does & How Safe Tan Does It

  Through our research we discovered a combination, which allows our product to produce amazing improvements in anyone’s appearance. We have successfully used Safe Tan as an aid in a vast array of maladies. Safe Tan has been effective with Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitligo, Diabetes and Lupus patients. It will work on skin that has been damaged (eg., burns or scars) whether recent or aged. It can camouflage many imperfections, from spider veins to stretch marks.

  Clinical grading, bioinstumentation and photographic analysis of the faces and forearms of the test subjects assessed the improvement in the evenness of skin tone.

  The final report cites: “within 20 minutes of the initial application, the unevenness of the skin tone had decreased by 20%. After 3 days, 21%. Even on the 8th day, improvement is still evident. The blotching and redness of Erythema was reduced 67% with just one application and 87.5% by Day 3. Even on the last day of the study, Day 8, the evenness and tone remained 75% improved over baseline measures.” Wow!

  The color in Safe Tan is a special mix, which are applied to the skin with a brush. The carefully designed blend of moisturizers and carriers take the color and emollients down into three layers of skin. The “carrying” process requires about 10 hours to fully absorb. Apply the color in the evening and wait until morning to rinse away any excess. Perspiring should be minimized during this period. Don’t put on white and go dancing until after you first shower.

How long does it last

  The color lasts for a week on the body and three days on the face. Safe Tan fades gradually, just like a real tan. As the skin is sloughed off and the lower layers are exposed, thanks to the carriers, they are already tanned and moisturized. No more blotching or rusty elbows, knees and ankles! If the initial paint isn’t dark enough, shower and repeat the next night.  Generally, the face and hands do not hold the color as long as the rest of the body, so touch up  as needed.

Benefits of Safe Tan

  Safe Tan dries almost immediately, except for the luxuriant moisturizers, leaving a warm rich color and beautifully soft skin. Safe Tan will save you time on your normal routine. It is safe, easy, long lasting and economical to use. One of the best benefits of Safe Tan is the Aloe-carrier combination which rehydrates skin cells causing them to “plump up” – smoothing out fine lines in the skin’s surface. At one a week, it is low maintenance and replaces stockings, hand and body lotions and even face make up. It allows for vanity and sanity. It is, as we like to call it…. The Answer!

 This product has universal appeal; it can be used by anyone. Our devotees are people of all ages, all ethnicity, both gender. It looks so natural that no one will know unless you share the secret. Everyone’s skin is unevenly colored in areas. For all those who spend time in the sun, whether for work or for play, the unevenly tanned areas can now be simply evened out. Safe Tan is great for golfers, swimmers, cyclists, tennis players and boaters. It is beauty secret for many brides, debutantes and prom queens – not to mention going back to the 20 year high school reunion!

The joy of this product is that it is simple. Once you understand how it works, it is fool proof. It is also fully washable for the first hour after application. Our instructions explain clearly how to use Safe Tan and include details “hints and tips” for special camouflaging techniques.

Safe Tan is designed to allow anyone to look better – instantly; to have color if they want it; to resist environmental damage from UV rays, wind, pollution and to slow the deterioration caused by aging. When you put Safe Tan on, you are hydrating and moisturizing your skin while evening out the vagaries of pigmentation caused by years of exposure to hostile environmental pollutants and irritants. One weekly application soon leaves you with skin that looks and feels smooth and supple.

Aloe Vera is a hydrator of skin, as well as a moisturizer and emollient. It will plump up the second and third layers of your skin, (the underneath skin). From the final report of those Independent Clinical Tests, we cite…….

There was a measurably significant improvement in the hydration of the skin as measured by Nova Bioinstrumentation in 61% of the subjects.

In clinical grading, 100% of the scaling and flakiness was eliminated with just one application of the product.

Even 8 days after the initial application, the moisture level of the skin, as indicated by the scaling remained unchanged.

An 84% improvement in the moisturization level of the skin remained apparent even at the close of the study.

  The effect is diminished crepiness, because it fills out those little cracks in your skin by plumping up the skin cells underneath. It’s not the fountain of youth, but it helps.

 It is not just your skin – it’s your life.


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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If under medical care, or if pregnant or nursing, please consult a health professional.